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Former LYM-member from USA, "Operation", writes about LYM

A collection of posts from the Factnet by "OPERATION", a former LYM-member in the USA!
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Default More stories of ego-stripping please

I forget who said it but one of you said something brilliant: "The LYM ego-stripped each other back and forth."

This is sooo true. We casually ego-stripped each other, but we, or I, didn't know it by that. We simply called it being "socratic". We routinely systematically attacked each other relentlessly psychologically. I learned how to do it from watching those who recruited me and practiced it recklessly on innocent passerby's, people I called, family and friends and other members.

I was calmly studying one day and they burst in lashed out on me and didn't stop until I demanded in tears. Anon Croc can talk all day about how it was all our choices to be there but one thing that happened regardless of whether you wanted in or not was constant ego-stripping. You would cry out to have them/or me, in some cases that I deeply regret, to leave you alone and it wouldn't happen. Your very identity was constantly under barrage.

Anything you did could be an invite to ego stripping, anything. being a vegetarian, being tidy, brushing your teeth, ANYTHING. A painful hour long harassment could begin with could begin with, "how do you know (fill in the blank)?".

The stories of the Chris White and others are real good, but could I hear about some of the more domestic BP sessions some of you suffered and/or participated in?

I still have nightmares about this.
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Default that poor man

"This is a selection from the Schiller Institute web site and very troubling to read. Especially how the cult includes a description of Jason's poor father weeping and the cult laughing at him." 


This is very sad. Particularly the section where LaRouche tells Mr. Ross that the reason everyone lied to him about not knowing who he was. I wonder if LaRouche actually believes that. You ask someone who LaRouche is, when I was organizing for him and after, and the vast majority of times the answer is "no". There is no incentive for someone to lie like that. 

'Liars', no LaRouche is the liar.

I thought for a second and after thinking about that part, "I am the most notorious man in America" I realized... LaRouche actually believes that everyone who said they didn't know who he was is a liar. 

If that is not megalomania I don't know what it is. He must actually believe that all around the country... world... galaxy, people are actually paying attention to him. A few are, no doubt about that, and he is the supposed center of all his membership lives, thats a fact. Outside of that this board is the most attention he gets besides the occasional one-line jab that some random journalist uses his name to make fun of someone else.

I feel bad for Mr. Ross, but Mr. Ross is most definitely better well-adjusted and more stable than LaRouche. Very poor choice on Jason's part, choosing a delusional narcissistic madman over a loving father. A loving father who puts himself in a hostile environment to be ridiculed and laughed at while at the mercy of some senile old-codger.

On another note, I am a former member of the LYM. If any other former LYM members are on this page I would appreciate if you emailed me, for a candid conversation about our experiences, Please leave out your name and any information that would reveal who you may be. We all know the kind of defamation this 'movement' uses.
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"This is ingenius cult methodology because it ensures that any member will now be scared of the "outside world" where every bit of their day to day contact is but one continual battle with mythical dragons to slay."

XLCR's recent post about how the use of operation's to create paranoia in the membership of LaRouche's organization was very accurate.

There are three relatively new pamphlets I would like you all to turn your attention too if you haven't already. 

1. "The Children of Satan III:The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism"
2. "Is Joeseph Goebells on your Campus?"
3. "Is The Devil in your Labtop?"

These three pamphlets in particular are dubious operations that succeed in further insulating the LYM from their friends, family and the rest of society. 

LaRouche controls the input of the LYM by convincing them that all sorts of different influences are bad. Forms of music and art, poetry, college clubs, movies, certain plays, television, newspapers, video games, facebook and myspace are all tools of mind-control by the synarchy (the source of evil).

The ironic part is this branding by LaRouche is the real mind-control.

Many LYM had their own Facebook and/or Myspace page until LaRouche put it on the list of 'operations'. The LYM kept in touch with classmates, old friends and even used it to recruit. When LaRouche declared it an 'operation' they all deleted them. LaRouche wanted to cut off the LYM even more from the friends, family and society, because they are rival influences.

Its like this with everything. When someone joins they stop listening to music, stop watching television, movies, etc. The only things in their lives are all LaRouche-approoved: the music they listen too, what they read and the daily briefing is spoon-fed news. The inputs into their life are set by LaRouche.

What a horrible life.
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The delusion hasn't changed.The 'LYM' today are pouring over LHL's 'economics' to be the leaders of the world once the 'system crashes'.

Everyone still glances back at DE, but they read "So You Wish to Learn Economics", "The Science of Christian Economy", "Now Are You Ready to Learn Economics and "Economics of the Noosphere". 

Sometimes, they read it all together so everyone can 'understand' it. This is the way they can make sense of LHL's gibberish to new recruits who aren't convinced that LHL isn't completely nuts as well as to make sure they don't just pass out and never finish. 

Several 'LYMers' will just pass out while reading LaRouches' writing because it is incomprehensible and hypnotic. Literally, I have seen it and done it, it is like you get knocked out. This happens in classes and in conferences. Maybe it is a combination of the exhaustion from 'deployment', malnourishment and the babble.

They also believe that they are the only ones doing real science. Reading old Kepler books is cool, but what about the people working in all the labs of the 'research coast' Los Angeles is so close to. Southern California, where the 'LYM' is based is known worldwide for having a high density of scientific research in Aerospace, the Nuclear sciences, Biology/Biotech, etc.

How can they possibly believe that they are true scientists? Especially when they never lay their hands on any, I repeat, any real modern labatory equipment. 

LHL has fooled them into not just believing he knows science, but also that he is the only one who knows it and at the same times fools them into thinking they are engaging in real science when they are just reading other peoples' works and doing elementary school-style science projects on it.

They are supposed to be the world's experts economics and science when they spend all day a a book table and in run-down offices and apartments reading and making call after call.

I don't see what is worse the "end of humanity as we know it" or life in the 'LYM'. Well... since I already know how bad it is with the 'LYM', I'll chose the apocalypse.
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Was there a new "Bruce Bash"?

I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce Director is a certified hypnotist, because people literally lose conciousness all around the room during his visits. "Riemann: for Anti-dummies" makes very little sense. I took it upon myself to read all of them a while back and I can remember very little of them.

Junior and senior members would try to immulate him in their briefings and classes on Wednsdays and Saturdays. They would go on for 3-4 hours, sometimes more. You would be sitting there (until you learned better) and the room would be almost empty and people were struggling to keep attention to the irrelevant material. In Los Angeles there would be more people outside smoking than inside getting brainwashed.

After a while in Los Angeles their was a huge issue over many memebers not attending meetings they had spent all week to bring people to. I'm certain these long painful presentations were part of the reason.

Be careful earnest_one. Seeking out a a confrontation with LaRouchies on some of their faulty research can be appealing at times, but remember it will never get anywhere. As long as they are part of the organization they cannot do anything but constantly reaffirm all of LHL's postitions. 

They are encouraged to educate themselves as long as their conclusions reconfirms LHL's. 

His work is considered to be at the very the forefront of the 'organization'. Every time he writes a new addititon to "Riemann: To Confuse the **** Out of You", all the locals print out as many copies as they need to know it all by the next morning, then they have a class or 2, maybe several meetings to read it all together. All the locals write in the briefings what they have been doing with it. Then Director tours all the locals. 

Bruce Director's job is to keep the LYM mystified. The more they are confused, the more they are baited by some vast knowledge they can attain through the 'organization'. 

He is extremely effective.

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