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USA: Dialogue from Factnet between ex. LYM member zisepsyche and ex LC xlcr4life!

A dialogue from the Factnet between an ex. LYM-member and another ex. member of the LaRouchemovement.

zisepsyche Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2008 - 10:14 pm:
Hi all, 

I am relatively new here. I am a 'yute' though I don't think I really am and at my age, I don't appreciate being reffered to as such...I joined the org in 2002 and stayed for a year and a half until mid. 2004. I decided to post here after reading all these threads. It is comforting to know I am not the only one who fell for this crap, though I always thought it was odd that we were supposed to tell everyone that one man can do it all (that one man being LaRouche)...also, I hope you have comfort in knowing that many 'yutes' have left recently, esp. after the Ken Kronberg affair/debacle and that any mention of suicide makes the lym squirm and they don't know what to do with it. I organized in Detroit for a while. It was hard to start a local there. Can anyone tell me 'why?' and I don't want to hear that we had some 'boomers that ruined it.' who was in the detroit local as 'boomers,'BTW, the attack on boomers disgusts me, as when I joined, I thought many (some who I know have left and died) were very intelligent and dedicated. 

Another thing, why didn't/doesn't anyone say thank you (in the LC/LYM)? I was criticized for being close to my family and I had to explain that is how we Greeks are raised...I got criticized for helping to degenerate Greek culture and got called a 'schizophrenic' by a LYM member while others watched on and no one defended me...which was crazy, what was crazier is that person didn't know what a schizophrenic was and was just using it because LHL (whom everyone refers to as LYN) had used it recently in a paper...

I don't know why if a handful of us can leave, why the others can't...I thought it was me and tried to get in touch with the org. 

Being an 'x-lymer' makes one a target as we are all considered to be 'enemies of the org' and I was criticized and called names and told that I ave to "work out my personality and psychosis" (why do ppl in the org. think they can diagnose others and that they know everything when they are stuck in a 'a no thrills kill your soul cult?")Anyways, they called my parents house recently trying to get me to come to a webcast...must be getting desperate...plz. reply.}


xlcr4life Posted on Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 2:17 pm:        

zisepsyche, welcome to this site. You bring up a few points worth going over. In the LC/LYM to make you a "Larouche organiser" as they say, requires you to discard every bit of your personal life. This includes any hoobies, interests, ethnic and family connections. If you notice how this works over time, everything you liked is not only considered a distraction, but now enters the Bizarro world of also being eeeevil since this prevents you from achieving an "unblocked state" to save humanity. 

The last thing we needed was a new recruit who did anything by him of herself like a hobby or have musical intersests other than what were on the "approved" lists. 

The last thing we needed was to have a new member go home for the holidays to their family because that creates the following problems. 

-This implies that there is such a thing as a holiday in the org. 

-This implies that one's time can be spent away from the cult. 

-This implies that YOUR family deserves more attention than our family. 

-This allows someone outside the cult, whom you know to love you like your family to question or raise questions about your life. 

-This also places you in the "Real world" where you time is not spent in classes or deployments or living in a 24/7 world of anxiety and end of the world hype. 

The last thing we ever wanted was to have members physically be with their families and even think of having a life. Thus, one of Lyn's cheap parlor tricks is to always have a new emergency occur around certain holidays which then led to the local NCs creating a level of guilt on a memebr if they decided to go away for a few days. 

"What about the quota" 

"Lyn is under a new assasination threat" 

"The world economy is teetering on the edge" 

"Don't you know that nuclear war can break out any minute?" 

"The oligarchy do not take vacations" 

When you are in the real world you discover that organisations or clubs which do things do not make the type of demands for you to give up your life. During somehting like an election you will see people do a lot of work and give up a lot of their time. But that is temporary and the candidate is not making you worship them for ever. 

There is nothing wrong with hard work and giving up things for good reason. Ask any small business owner how their life changed when they started out. I have many charities I contribute to and I have other things I personally involve myself in which directly effect my community. These are healthy things to do and the one thing I hope you never do is to become scared of being involved in different things. 

The one thing you will be quite savy about now is how cults of personality work. You will find situations like this crossing your path many time. TV ads, TV preachers, idiot bosses who demand worship, political manipulation of voting blocs, you will be much sharper to pick these things up.

On a personal level I have mentioned this a few times. When I was in the LC I always had in the back of my head this idea that many of the LCers I know literally gave themselves to Lyn. I always had this funny feeling in me that there was this imaginary boundry I had to cross to be like that. Thus, I always kept much of my life within the real world via daily contact with people, family, newspaper and magazines and any other media. I never wanted to submit my free will to the LC as I veiwed that as somehting scary based on some pof the people I would work with. These members seemed totaly incapable of existing in the real world as their relationship on anything was always a multiply connected manifold of lunacy and endless "Lyn says" quips. 

For me to leave the LC was one of mentally leaving before the physical parameters of leaving were met. In restrospect, there were many, many times I thought of leaving, but kept up a delusion that the LC would change in a certain way. In my mind, once I stopped creating excuses and realised that this thing was a nasty cult with nothing of redeeming value, leaving became quite easy. 

One thing to NOT worry about is what your friends and family think about you. Your friends and family really do not care about the cult as it really does not exist in any way except the obscure dot that it is. Once you are outside of the org, Lyn is nothing but a bad joke footnote if anything. 

If anyone questions you, it really is not too difficult to say a few words and then forget about it. My family and in laws really have no care and all of my fears of them asking me about it were unfounded. When I was once asked about my invovlement I said quite truthfully: 

"Yeah, I was interested in some key issues like nuclear power and when I found out how nuts they were I said "Holy Sh*t" and took off".


zisepsyche Posted on Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanks for all the input, it helps. I am at school and working part time. Trying to pull my life together and I enjoy it. I like investigating and reading things on my own. My life in the org (although brief was hell, degredation, never good enough...Steve D. even chastisted me). How can these youth eat up the crap Lyn says, I know there might be a shortage of food and how can they believ the org has no money. In the Detroit office, I have heard Dalto's name and Kostas too. Bob Bowen runs it now. In any case, they are on my campus and they use my 'friends' in the org to get to me. I have been getting the help I need, but how can they be so heartless and inhumane. I feel horrendous for what we did to Public officials, which is nothing short of harassment or even the students...who thinks this is love (agape, philos, etc.) I never understood what LaR wrote and thought it was ADD on my part, but now I know he is no literary genius, am amazed how these kids last so long...and abuse others and admit with a straight face that they are fully developed human beings who scare everyone....

I am getting over my time in the org. It took me a while to realize I had been taken in, esp. since I was always and independent thinker searching for the truth...your testimonies have helped me and I don't believe one has to criticize or blame someone else for their wrong doing. You are right, when I joined, I was sick of school and having problems with my life. I have always been into helping people and the world and they organized me based on that...

I wasn't a good organizer because I couldn't get myself to sell someone on LaR and that was considered a weakness, so I received 'intervention.' When I came home, I was in dept, unkempt and starving for food and affection....I will tell you more about the youth...when I think of the horrible events I engaged in and how we harassed students and public officials I am disgusted...I would like to know more about the history, as it is hidden from the youth...they are just told Quijano is bad, Molly is bad and other names are mentioned so only the elite few know what is going on....THERE IS NOTHING HUMAN OR HUMANISTIC about the org...only getting little people to do the dirty work. btw, for me (even while in the org, I never believed we never had any can others believe it?) 

More to come!

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