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How LYM and LYMettes will be screwed by the cult

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Default How LYM and LYMettes will be screwed by the cult

Originally Posted by eaglebeak View Post
Meanwhile, let me share with you something absolutely atrocious that appeared in last Sunday's briefing--six days after Gary and John died on the highway: 
From the Morning Briefing, Sunday, June 22, 2008

Under the lead "Windy Hill Dialogues Saturday, June 21, 2008"
In the sixth paragraph, toward the end, Lyn says that without XYZ, "Civilization can not be saved. I admit, it's in tattered condition, but we still want to say that. It's like an old car, it's the only one you got; you got to repair it [laughter]. You guys know that! Sometimes you drive a car that already died! [laughter]"

Got it? Six days after two longtime members are killed because their car died? "You guys know that!" Laughter! 

There is no stone of depravity that Lyn has not turned; there is no perversion, no evil, in which he does not, vicariously at least, participate.

A long time ago, during the financial raping of our supporters and abuses done against our members, I saw the depravity first hand and had to leave. For non members who do not have first hand experience in a cult, it is among the most sinister things one can experience where all of the real world laws, customs, norms and morality are stripped away from the cult members. The completely insane views are now a reality which dictates how you conduct your affairs and business along with personal relations.

Everything which happens in the tightly controlled Bizarro world of the cult is designed to ensure that members do not have any values or personal conditions of their life which is worth a dime while Lyn and the supposed aims of the cult are the priority. This means that you need to accept driving and being a passenger in a LaroucheMobile risking your life so that the money saved can pay for the armored Mercedes Benz in Europe for Lyn and Helga.

The quote by Lyn which Eaglebeak has supplied is not new. There are a few meetings where Lyn has said the the same thing to the LYM and LYMettes with the same laughter. Over the course of being in the cult, what you are willing to take in a lowering of YOUR life will be measured against the end of the world nightly briefings you will be receiving. This has always been the case and you are supposed to feel guilty if you require somethng like dental care or like to drive with a tank of gas and a registered vehicle. 
No matter what the cult grosses each week, it will never be enough. There are more tricks in Lyn's head and his underlings than arguments which can be made by a member. I once received an email from a LA member who made the mistake of asking Leni R about being owed something and the response was that a Nuclear Bomb could be dropped out on us at any minute, how could you ask for this now? Female LYM members had to beg for a few bucks to purchase personal toiletries according to one exLym's email.

Gary Genazzio and John Morris never had a chance. Genazzio was 66 years old and in this crazy environment most of his life. People like Genazzio and Morris who stuck around for decades and decades just go with whatever happens. 

Who knows if they started off in Chicago? Let us take a look at some mapping and see for ourselves.
Let us assume that Gary Genazzio and John Morris started off from this address.

Midwest Circulation Corporation
4343 N Clarendon Ave

Chicago, IL 60613-2698

(773) 404-4848

and were on their way to to the Detroit office. The phone number of 248-232-6981 is based out of Pontiac Michigan. If we use MSN mapping we can find the route and get an estimate of the mileage., time and a map.

MSN maps tells us that the distance is about 300 miles and will take around 5 hours depending on when they leave and how many stops they make. With most cars averaging 20 miles a gallon, they could have filled up in Chicago and made it to Pontiac

If you use MSN maps and start from Chicago and end at Albion

you have a distance of roughly 200 miles and a 3 hour or so drive. If they filled up in Chicago, they should have made it past Albion unless their car had horrendous mileage. 

Now this is where investigators will have a hard time since this is a cult. Genazzio and Morris could have deployed a full day in Chicago and then left at the end to get to Detroit. They also could have been deploying near the death site at local colleges or DMVs as well. For those who are not familiar with how the cult works, we have what are called "Flying Squads" who are sent out of town to set up a card table shrine in locations far from the base office. The idea is to make some money and get a lot of contacts (names and phone numbers) so that the boiler room can call them for more money. 

The LC is a sick cult in how this is sometimes done. A two man squad like Genazzio and Morris would be sent out with a trunk filled to the brim with a card table, folding chairs, signs and stolen milk cartons of printed materials. This weight often played havoc with the cars since it would foster uneven wear on tires, misaligned headlights since the back of the car was weighed down and worse fuel mileage. 

I can tell you from years of experience in the LC that the safety of an organiser is of the least concern. It was common for LC cars to be considered cult property and passed around from squad to squad with no one worrying about fuel, oil, radiators, tires etc. until something broke down. The routine maintaince I and others do to rotate tires and keep everything running at tip top shape is nothing compared to a daily end of the world briefing by Lyn where all of the money is sent out of the local office. Since members live a vagabound lifestyle, you often had cars which had expired registration and no insurance. Parking tickets were not yourt problem until the cars got towed away and members routinely had to drive with a suspended licences when they would not show up for hearings, not pay fines or just move to a different state and forget about the old problems. Besides a trunk full of lit it is common to see 6 to 8 members stuffed into a car to get a ride home at night or into the office in the morning. If you do this every day and night, whatever car you got when a fresh faced yute joined the cult was soon turned to scrap,

The owners manual of a car is considered a fiction book in the cult LYM and LYMettes.

There is all sorts of speculation on what happened to Gray Genazzio and John Morris. It is all within the possibilities of the cult that Genazzio and Morris were carrying gas with them if they had a larouchemobile without a functional fuel guage. They could have been coming from a local college deployment and did not raise enough cash. They could have been doing contact meetings after deploying. They both could have been exhausted after doing a full day's deployment in Chicago and then having to drive to Detroit. They could have been sent out with no cash in the morning and told to make the cash to get to Detroit. They could have had a rental car and wanted to bring it back empty. All of these scenarios are LC worthy. The question remains as to how you pass several gas stations and end up running out of fuel on a dark section of I 94 between two exits with fuel stations late at night.

For the LYM and LYMettes, try to understand that you have very little legal protection in a cult instead of a real employer, unless you start filing complaints.. What the cult can do to you is outrageous as the LC can skip out on just about any labor law on the books by classifying you as volunteers instead of employees. You have no protection from being exploited in the hours you put in, the non mimimum wage you slave for, the abuse of your physical bodies due to inhalation of chemicals all day at intersections, no maximum work day, no control over your tools such as the LaroucheMobiles, no choice over the slightest of the mundane . Forget about retirement as Gary Gennazio was 66 and working under the same conditions as a new 20 year old drop out. Your freedom to go take care of yourself is a joke, I get emails all of the time about how an ex member just saw someone they knew who is at a card table shrine with half of their teeth missing. You can spend all of your adult working years in the cult and not build up a dime in savings or even pay into the SSI system to bost your checks. 

I am flabbergasted when I think of when I first joined in the 1970s and once asked about how we were going to handle retirement and old age if we have nothing set up for this. I was laughed at, ridiculed and told that I was an idiot for thinking about this since unless Lyn is in the White House, everything will be worthless and lost. We urged our supporteres to take out second mortgages at 19% and told them that when the banks collapse later in the year, they would not have to worry about it. We told new recruits to skip out on their student loans since there could be a few billion dead under the Rockefellers. 

Here we are, 30+ years later, and a 66 year old man is still working a card table shrine. Cults do not pay into disability funds or workman's comp. You have many older members now who were shortchanged in their earnings and have lower SSI benefits. The decades have passed and we have people who are older than Genazzio and have no where to go or outdated work skills.

You may be having something going on in your body which will become a serious issue later. I can not even begin to tell you about the sicknening stories of members who when they were younger were attacked for seeking medical treatment by a jackass NC who said ot was all in their head. Who knows how many members over the years had their lifespan shortened by a cult combination of LaroucheNoCare and a neverending high stress environment? 

Any parent whose child is in the cult and was harmed, you have legal recourses as cults are being chipped away every year for their sytsemic abuses. Members who are in can file the paper work with their state labor boards and the IRS for any abuses. You really have no idea of just how much will be taken from you untill you leave or ask why Gary Genazzio and John Morris died. If you stick around and keep this delusion going, you may get an obituary by the cult in the "hero's" section, a few poems read by someone and a send off to your grave to be quickly forgotten . 

There are cases you may never hear of like M* who was packed up and shipped home to his elderly parents so it becomes their problem. How do you tell if his illness was caught early enough? How do you know that when he first complained of a symtom like a headache or vision or night sweats or any other simple problem that it was dismissed as not being important enough by a superior? How do you know that the member themselve hid the problems since it was going to interfere with some LC function like Lyn's security?

You do not know and that is the point LYM and Lymettes. In the Bizarro world, your senses are dulled and diminished. Your point of reference for what is normal and not normal is being lost. You can laugh abaut Lyn laughing about broken down cars and death a few days after two LCer with nearly a half century of service just got taken off of a gourney in the autopsy room in Calhoun County Michigan to ship what is left of them back to their families.

You laugh with Lyn while Lyn laughs at you.

These were sick people when I first met them, but I was too stupid to want to face the facts. They were sicker when I left and just get sicker and sicker each year. Votaire was right, the cult based on ever increasing absurdity produces ever increasing atrocitites . The LYM and LYMettes are no longer recruits, just future victims.

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