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USA: Ex. LYM members XYLM and ERIN_B and others discuss on the Factnet.

Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2006 - 6:31 am:   

Question for ex-members. 

How did you get hooked? 

I was in a transitional time in my life and didn't know a lot of people. I was opposed to the war in Iraq and was eager to hang out with this political campaign that professed to feel the same way I did about the war. 
They were nice for about a day, then they started making more and more demands. 
With my personality, I guess there was a little bit of an adrenaline rush when I found out they might be dangerous. I liked arguing with them. I didn't know how to leave when I found out I was trapped. 
I never really knew what kind of trouble I was in until I was out of the cult for a while and got some distance from it. 
They told me not to read anything about LaRouche that wasn't published by the org. They told me not to read anything that wasn't put out by the org, as it was "bullsh-t". I tried to ignore this. It seemed so simplistic and I always hated people telling me what to do like I couldn't make these decisions for myself. Logic was outnumbered. I didn't know that many people locally. The closest people to me were long distance. 
I visited my family that year, a little earlier than the usual holiday season. I talked to some of my family members about it. One of them, I told about LaRouche's book, "Money is an Idiot", and how he and the senior members are always telling the youth that money can't talk to you. They said they thought it was interesting that he felt the need to tell people that money couldn't talk to you. It was funny, all the stupid things I'd noticed that it didn't occur to me that that was odd. It was such a wild, wierd world, that something like that could easily be insignificant. 
This was around the time I was kicked out. I really had to talk about it. I don't think my family fully understood how confused I was. I said. "People say he's anti-Semitic." We looked it up on google. A whole bunch of quotes came up by LaRouche that were clearly Anti-Semetic. I'd done it before by myself, but the cult says that's no good because everyone is lying. It still took me a while after that to realize that everyone else isn't lying; the cult is.

Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2006 - 11:22 am:   

This cult traps well-meaning (usually young) people who already believe (usually) in the value of the life of the mind and who have a strong sense of justice coupled with a desire to right wrongs. The cult of LaRouche is one-stop shopping for such people: it supplies definitive answers to all life's questions (appealing to the young and/or naive who mistakenly think such a thing possible) and supplies a means at the same time of improving the world. Of course no one group let alone an individual human being has many - let alone all - answers to the big questions. But as you, I was in a transitional period and did not know what my next step was to be when these people entered the picture. I then found it much more convenient to "change the world" rather than to engage in the far more challenging task of changing myself.

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2006 - 11:43 am:   

For Erin and others who read this. 

You are absolutely correct in describing the initial experience as an adrenaline rush. When you are in your late teens, there are many paths to take. People who have open hearts and wish to solve some of the more pressing problems can be easily attracted to a group like Larouche's. At the time I started to read their publications, I skimmed the crazy stuff and concentrated on what I believed in. It was refreshing to see an org which wanted scientific progress as the basis to solve mankind's problems. It was great to see an emphasis on classical arts, literature and history. The counterpoint to the other extremes of society were welcomed by me. 

When the problems of the world are reduced to simplicity and the solutions are reduced to simplicity, it does intoxicate you with the idea that you are part of a solution. 

The lunacy will usually be noticed by people who are skeptical, or cynical or just plain experienced with life. Those of us who are not so jaded will somehow look the other way when the evidence starts rolling in about Lyn's lunacy, the anti semitism, the crazy life and how every criteria for a cult is being met. 

If you examine the history of the cult by reading this forum you will see how history has been repeated by Lyn over and over for another wave of recruits. 

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2006 - 5:38 pm:   

Ever since ive been acquainted with the LYM (handful of years), they have been fiercely proclaiming a housing market collapse. In contrast, the housing market fiercely ascended during the interim. 

I remember, month by month, the predicted collapses which had never occurred. Today, at the housing market’s maturity and amidst all the positive speculators, there are some economists predicting a dip, and rightfully so, but none are leaping into full scale economic shutdown predictions as Larouche did! –and today’s streak of housing growth is probably the reason their proclamations have faded away. 

And as much as we can argue the aforementioned, the end result will always remain: there was no collapse. 

But something detrimental did occur, the minds of the new recruits stayed around from month to month on predictions that have only led them into a brainwashed state of mind; thrown vulnerably into a surrounding of the most refined cult indoctrinating techniques. 

Whether Enron, Housing Market, or the Iraq War; the Larouche campaign is only riding the waves of media hysteria. With their picks, they throw the most extreme, fear inducing twists and correlate them to past writings to fit Larouche history and “prophecy”. 

And with all this said, they have transcended their focus from the housing collapse to Alito’s Schmitterian policies.

Posted on Friday, May 05, 2006 - 3:45 pm:   

In a nutshell, Larouche consistently takes credit for battling, shaking up, and even causing significant blows to the financial oligarchs who have “taken over this world through wars and oppression.” It’s hard for me to believe that these extremely powerful oligarchs who “have directed the deaths and mental depletions of millions”, have not taken one action to place threats or cause any serious fear among the Larouchies. Not 1 Larouchie has died as a result of being “the biggest challenge” against the most powerful and vicious people in the world, the oligarchs. And mind you, these Larouchies are based in broken down buildings and drive broken down cars with bald tires, which means that they have a better chance finding death from the consequences of their own surroundings and poverty –and if you read up, that’s indeed how all of their deaths have occurred!

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